“When we master our mind, we have within us the most important resource to take us where we want to go.”

Hi, I'm Cath Grey

I focus on sharing mindfulness and mindset skills so people can stop getting pushed around by their thoughts and feelings, handle stress and difficulty with greater ease, and create an environment in which they can flourish.

Is it possible to stop getting pushed around so much by our thoughts?
To handle stress more easily?
To feel more on track?

Even though life can be tough, most of us could be feeling much better than we do.

I help people see how they’ve got caught up in endless thinking and how this has affected them.  Once they’re clearer on what’s going on and what they want instead, they can start making small changes straight away.

Having a sense of wellbeing is not usually something that just happens.  Rather it’s about being more deliberate about how we approach life and what we choose to focus on.

These skills alone make all the difference in how we feel.  I know this from my own experience of stress and from working with others with the same difficulties.

Maybe you’re:

  • thinking in circles yet going nowhere
  • stressed and overwhelmed as you’re pulled in multiple directions
  • in a vicious cycle of procrastination, giving yourself a hard time, and then either self-sabotaging by overindulging, or taking out your feelings on others.

Even if you’re switched-on and self-aware, you can still get stuck.  But you don’t have to do everything on your own.  If you’re ready for something different, you can work with me 1:1, come along to one of our upcoming programs on the NSW coast, or simply contact me to make a time for a quick chat.

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What can I do for you?

1:1 Sessions

cognitive therapy (MBCT)


A morning of guided mindfulness meditation (3hrs)


Learn new tools & strategies in our experiential events (1-2 days)