“When we master our mind, we have within us the most important resource to take us where we want to go.”

Hi, I'm Cath Grey

I focus on sharing mindfulness and mindset skills so people can stop getting pushed around by their thoughts and feelings, handle stress and difficulty with greater ease, and create an environment in which they can flourish.

Manage your mind so you’re not at the mercy of your thoughts
egulate your emotions and stay steady in tough times

If, in the present circumstances, you are finding yourself drawn into cycles of confusion, worry, anxiety, agitation or low mood, you probably know you are not alone.  For many people, it’s ‘just the way things are’.

Yet even with the challenges we’re currently facing – even with uncertainty, fear and ongoing anxiety,
it is possible to come to live with a sense of greater flexibility and freedom.

Many of us are tired, and quick and easy solutions seem like the only things that are do-able right now.  Eating, drinking, Netflixing more than we need – we’re all seeking ways to cope with the sudden changes brought about by recent events.

Quick and easy’s good, as long as these strategies don’t muck things up for us in the longer term.

But if you want to explore things that last:
– to be calmer and more clear-thinking in tricky times
– to be kinder and more compassionate (not just to others, but also yourself)
– to be able respond to stressful and difficult life situations more skillfully
then maybe I can help.

Due to the current pandemic all my work with individuals and groups is conducted online.
Find out how we can work together or you are welcome to book a free call to find out more.

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1:1 Sessions

cognitive therapy (MBCT)


A morning of guided mindfulness meditation (3hrs)


Learn new tools & strategies in our experiential events (1-2 days)