Tired of being stressed, worried and anxious?

Your negative feelings don’t need to overwhelm you​

Build a skillset to handle stress with greater ease and create habits that will help you find your anchor.

Calm, relaxed, energised… balanced.

Cath Grey - mindfulness mindset coach

As a certified coach and mindfulness teacher, I love working with people who want to develop their capacity to handle whatever challenges come their way.

As we work together, my clients come to recognise habitual patterns, calm their nervous system, and let go of what’s no longer working for them.  They find they’re able to think more clearly, regulate their emotions and shift from being over-reactive to more engaged, both with others and their life in general.

When things fall apart around you,
you’re really left with what you’ve developed inside you.
Rick Hanson

What if the very challenges we’re facing come hand-in-hand with an opportunity for learning and growth?

I can show you how to calm your racing mind, soothe your inner critic, recognise what’s difficult and re-focus on what’s not, develop a better relationship with yourself, let go of behaviours that don’t serve you, and adopt simple strategies to enhance your capacity to feel good and spread it around.

If you would like to

  • swap constant worry for greater peace of mind
  • have much greater choice about how to manage stress
  • have a step-by-step process for easing into social situations even when you feel anxious
  • have a partner to work through sleep difficulties with you so that you can get a better night
  • feel calmer and more clear-thinking, even in difficult encounters with others,
    then you are in the right place.

See my calendar to make a time for us to have a chat or book straight away.

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