As a mindfulness-based life coach, self-awareness lies at the foundation of my work.  I love the way mindfulness allows us to move from the busyness of doing to the peacefulness of being

Being present, however, is not something that comes naturally to me.  I’ve had to learn it – and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.  Because it’s had such a profound effect on my life (as has learning self-compassion), I now share it through working with individuals and groups. 

I’d love to help you calm your racing mind, soothe your inner critic, focus on what’s good and working as much as what is not, enhance your relationships (not only with your self but also with others), let go of self-sabotaging behaviour and take up simple strategies that will boost your happiness.

With an MSc in Mindfulness-based Approaches to Healthcare, I share evidence-based practices which I’ve seen work in the life of my clients as well as myself. 

I’ve worked on three continents in the education, business, not-for-profit and mental health sectors.  I’ve tutored award-winning politicians, taught doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists mindfulness-based cognitive therapy in private settings, high-security mental health units or prisons.  I’ve tutored postgrads training to be school counsellors, and run seminars for business.

I often use a psycho-educational approach because it encourages my clients to reflect on their process and ultimately empowers them on their journey.  Into the mix, I bring models I’ve found useful through my training as an advanced life coach and my background interest and BA in Psychology. 

If you’d like to know more, you can connect with me on facebook or LinkedIn.