My work is about combining mindfulness and meditation practices with modern coaching and psychological models. 
Together these give us a wide array of practices, tools and strategies to work with.

Increasing our self-awareness is a great place to begin any inner work, and even a short mindfulness course results in participants realising how much choice is available to them, and that they don’t have to live on autopilot:  they can be the the driver, the author, the CEO, of their own life.

So whilst mindfulness can be gentle, still, and quiet, it is also the foundation from which we can take action.  We can also be mindfully fierce, powerful, strong and action-oriented.

‘How does this look?’ you might ask.

I work with clients (many of whom also attend my group events) to calm their racing mind, soothe their inner critic, recognise what’s difficult and re-focus on what’s not, develop a better relationship with themselves, let go of behaviours that don’t serve them in the longer term, and adopt simple strategies that enhance their capacity to feel good and spread it around.

I tend to use a psycho-educational approach which helps my clients not only in the moment, but which they could also use at a later time.  Depending on what the client is looking for, we may use meditation in the session, between sessions, or not at all.  Many clients ask to be given worksheets and sent links to articles or videos.  And whilst my clients are respectful of my time and keep email queries to a minimum, they also know that I am always happy to answer their email should they have questions.

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