As a mindfulness teacher and coach, I can help you find and cultivate the inner resources to help you move towards greater wellbeing. 

These skills and strategies are deeply personal, but they have also been found effective in clinical studies.  And not only have they helped countless people, but they’ve also made a massive difference in my own life.

In London in 2001, whilst working as a schoolteacher and battling with parenthood and work stress, I stumbled upon mindfulness, and was struck by how such a gentle practice could help me feel so much stronger and more stable within myself.

After further training I ran courses and workshops in to the general public and mental health professionals.  I delivered programs in prisons, mental health units, hospitals, cancer centres and businesses, and completed an MSc in Mindfulness-based Approaches to Healthcare in 2008.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have been mentored by exceptional teachers, several of whom conceived and developed the programs that ‘put mindfulness on the map’.  Their influence, teaching and supervision has seeped into my own practice and work, and I will be forever grateful.

Now living in Australia and based at the Coffs Psychology and Neurotherapy practice in Coffs Harbour (NSW), I see clients in person, over the phone, or via Zoom.  (Book a 15min call with me to find out more.)  Due to the pandemic, regular group events have been on hold, though I am taking expressions of interest around future gatherings.