Why D-I-Y Personal Development Can be Hard

  1. When we do things on our own, if we don’t see immediate results from doing something, it’s easy to give up. And when this happens, we can begin to doubt our ability to create change.
  2. Having someone to guide you to take consistent action that’s part of a broader, more coherent strategy – who can travel the journey with you and help you stay accountable to your future self – is an invaluable asset in effectively getting to where you need to be.
  3. When we decide we’ll go it alone, our thinking isn’t challenged.
    We might deal with a particular problem successfully, but if it’s only dealt with at surface level, the thinking that created the problem will cause other difficulties to arise.
  4. Working with someone who can recognize patterns in your life and who can help you deal with the root cause of what’s holding you back is key to achieving success.
  5. When we don’t ask others for help, there’s no-one to help us with our blind spots.

We don’t know what we don’t know. Sometimes it takes someone who’s seeing things from a different perspective to help us see what we’re missing.

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