catherine grey one-on-one session

Note re: COVID-19  
Sessions are available over the phone and Zoom.  With the easing of restrictions I am  now also offering face-to-face sessions on Thursdays and Saturdays.



Coaching is a supportive conversation which explores your internal world (your thinking and feeling), how this impacts your external world (your behaviours and results), and how the former can be optimised for best results.

Our sessions invite you to become more self-aware, to practise self-compassion, and – if you’re going to create the changes you want – to look at the repetitive patterns that have kept you stuck in the “here we go again” scenario.

We will draw on whatever’s going to be most useful for you.  We might use mindfulness, acceptance and compassion-based approaches to navigate the months and years ahead, or understandings from positive psychology or life coaching models.  Whatever resources we use, your experience, your learning preferences and your needs are first and foremost.

Training for Parents and Carers of NDIS Participants

Sessions offer emotional and practical support for parents and carers of participants of the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) with Capacity Building support.

After considering the goals of the participant, we can discuss areas where helpers need support for themselves, and explore ways in which they can achieve this.

Together we may look at and explore things such as:

  • how burnout, exhaustion or compassion fatigue might be affecting you, and how you can manage these difficulties as skillfully as possible
  • how unhelpful patterns and habits might be causing unnecessary stress, and how they can be replaced
  • how you can leverage unavoidable stress so you have the energy to make progress with things that matter 
  • strategies that will help you handle distressing feelings as skillfully as possible
  • how to keep your own tank full with good mental health hygiene, so you have the energy needed to help those you care for
  • how to use and model clearer and more effective communication skills with those with whom you work
  • how to create clearer boundaries to better support yourself and the NDIS participant
  • how to employ a range of practical behavioural approaches to increase the resources you bring to your interactions.

Reports can be arranged on request.  Sessions will be invoiced after the session.

Where can I find out more about private coaching?

If you are interested in working 1:1 with me, take a look at my calendar to  
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