Mindfulness coaching helps my clients feel calmer and more focused, energized, and centred.  They also report feeling much more confident in their ability to cope with whatever comes their way.

By drawing upon mindfulness, meditation, and a range of practical exercises I have helped my clients

  • learn to meditate, or re-establish a regular meditation practice
  • find ways to weave mindfulness practices into their busy day
  • take action in the face of anxiety
  • find their own best ways to handle unnecessary stress
  • vastly improve their sleep and self-care habits
  • improve their relationships through mindful listening, more conscious communication, and the establishment of boundaries
  • cope with loss and difficult emotions
  • learn effective ways of handling their inner critic
  • explore their values, and how they might best move forward
  • apply evidence-based practices to reduce the likelihood, intensity and duration of future depressive episodes.

catherine grey one-on-one session


If you’re ready for the next step, make a time to chat or book a session.

Sessions are available via phone, Zoom and also in-person in Coffs Harbour.